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User Terms & Conditions | Bazaarr


This contains the terms and conditions that prospective vendors must agree to and follow in order to become vendors on Bazaarr.


1. Introduction

▪ Integrated Bazaarr Concept Limited (“Bazaarr”) (or “we”) operates an e-commerce platform consisting of a website ( or “marketplace”), together with supporting logistics and payment infrastructure, for the sale, purchase and leasing of industrial equipment in the oil and gas, agricultural, construction and marine industries in Nigeria ( or “territory”).

▪ These merchant terms and conditions shall apply to all vendors on the marketplace, together with our general terms and conditions of the use of marketplace.

▪ If you register with our marketplace as a seller;

1a. You accept these merchant terms and conditions, the general terms and conditions, and the Bazaarr policies and guidelines (stated as at the day of signing this document knowing that they may be amended by Bazaarr from time to time (amendments will be relayed to merchants)), which form an integral part of the terms upon which you may use the marketplace.

1b. We will ask you to expressly agree to these merchant terms and conditions; the general terms and conditions; and the Bazaarr polices and guidelines, by either clicking to confirm that you agree (and such electronic signature shall be considered as an original signature for all purposes); and/or by physical signature.

2. Merchant Store/Product Listings

▪ If you register with our marketplace as a merchant you will be able to create a store on the marketplace after applying using the “Vendor Registration Page” and following the necessary procedures that follow.

Note that:

2a. Merchant stores that are submitted may be reviewed for approval, at Bazaarr’s discretion, before they become operational.

▪ You shall be solely responsible for your store, listings and products and you hereby agree that;

2b. Your listings shall meet the requirements made available on the dashboard including but not limited to prices, clear equipment descriptions and specifications, image quality and clarity, etc. in respect of each product.

2c. Listings that are submitted may be individually reviewed and approved by Bazaarr before they are published on the

marketplace, and you acknowledge and agree there may be a lead time between submission of the product page to the Vendor dashboard and the publishing of the Product page on the marketplace due to time required for Bazaarr’s quality control operations.

2d. We have the right to flag listings that do not meet our requirement.

2e. You must keep your listings up to date. In particular, you must deactivate any listings in respect of products that have ceased to be available.

2f. You may only open more than one Vendor account if the accounts tend to different industries.

▪ Without prejudice to our other rights, we reserve the right to reject, unpublish and/or delete any vendor’s store that

breaches these merchant terms and conditions, the general terms and conditions, or any Bazaarr policies and guidelines.

3. The products

▪ The only products that may be the subject of a listing on our marketplace are products that fall within the product categories specified on the marketplace; Oil and Gas, Construction, Marine and Agriculture.

▪ You must not advertise, buy, sell or supply through our marketplace any product that;

3a. breaches any laws or regulations, or infringes any person’s intellectual property rights or other rights, or gives rise to a cause of action against any person, in each case in any jurisdiction and under any applicable law.

3b. is or relates to: drugs, narcotics, steroids or controlled substances; pornography; obscene, indecent or sexually explicit

materials; swords, firearms or other weapons; ammunition for any weapon; or items that are otherwise prohibited pursuant to the Prohibited and Restricted Products Policy, as may be amended from time to time, or any applicable law.

▪ We operate a zero tolerance approach to counterfeit products and any attempt to sell counterfeit products on the marketplace, or other breach of our Anti-Counterfeit Policy may result in the penalties specified in the Merchant Penalty Policy which includes financial penalties, permanently prohibiting you from using the marketplace, and potentially in prosecution.

4. Pricing/Commission and Fees

▪ All prices of products shall be stated inclusive of Bazaarr’s commission.

▪ You shall be solely responsible for setting the price of your products on the marketplace, which may be amended through

the Seller Centre from time to time, including for the purpose of any seasonal or other discounts.

▪ The pricing of your products shall comply with all applicable laws, including competition laws.

5. Fulfilment, packaging and delivery

Upon receipt of a confirmation of sale from Bazaarr, you shall;

5a. process the order by packing and labelling the product(s) properly and wait for the Bazaarr Logistics Team to come pick up the processed order for delivery or you shall deliver the products to our drop off point in accordance with the timelines, opening hours and procedures specified.

▪ We may inspect any or all products we receive and we reserve the right to return to you any product that fails to meet the

packaging requirements or that fails to pass our quality control checks or any other product requirements set out.

▪ You shall retain title to and ownership of the products until such time as the products are paid for in full by the buyer to Bazaarr and delivered to the buyer. Upon delivery to the buyer, ownership of the products shall vest in the buyer.

▪ We shall bear the risk of loss or damage to the products after it has been received and inspected by the Bazaarr Team and

before it has left our warehouse for delivery to the buyer. Our liability to you in respect of your products in our possession

pursuant to this section shall be limited to the cost price of the products and shall be subject to the further limitations and

exclusions on liability provided in the general terms and conditions.

▪ Without prejudice to all our rights, we may charge you penalties in respect of breaches of the Packaging Guidelines or the

Delivery Guidelines. The amount of the penalties that may be charged pursuant to this section shall be stated in the Seller Penalty Policy.

6. Remittances

▪ We shall collect payments from buyers in respect of each product purchased from the marketplace, and we shall deduct

from the monies collected, our commissions and, as may be applicable, any fees, penalties, refunds and any other amounts that you owe to us in respect of any business whatsoever.

▪ We shall remit the proceeds of sale of the products, after all deductions pursuant above, and remit the remaining funds to you in the currency of the marketplace territory and using such payment mechanism as agreed by both parties.

▪ Evidence of payment to your nominated account shall constitute conclusive evidence of payment and receipt.

▪ You shall be entirely responsible for ensuring that the account details that you upload to the Vendor Dashboard are accurate and up to date, and that the account is secure. We shall not be liable for any loss or damage to you that may result from fraud or error in respect of your account.

▪ We shall provide you with an account statement, via the Vendor Dashboard, which shall include details of all proceeds of sale of the products, deductions and remittances.

▪ In the event that we hold insufficient funds on your behalf for payment of any amounts that you owe us (your account is in

debit), we may delay or suspend payment to you in the event of investigation of a potential fraud or other breach of this agreement.

7. Breaches of seller terms and conditions

▪ If we reasonably determine that you have breached these seller terms and conditions, our general terms and conditions, or any Bazaarr, policies or guidelines, we may;

7a. send you one or more formal warnings.

7b. suspend, prohibit or block your access to our marketplace as provided in the general terms and conditions.

▪ The consequences of breach provided above shall also apply if;

7c. you fail to satisfy a minimum level of operational performance in order to provide a satisfactory buyer experience on the marketplace or,

7d. if you receive negative ratings and reviews.

8. Confidentiality and data privacy

▪ All information and documents concerning the conduct of business pursuant to these general terms and conditions, including information relating to business methods, procedures, policies and sales information, is strictly confidential unless it is already in the public domain.

▪ You shall not use Bazaarr’s confidential information for any purpose other than to perform your obligations under this

Agreement and you shall not disclose Bazaarr’s confidential information without our prior written consent.