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Become a Seller on Bazaarr

Push your products by selling your Industrial equipment on Bazaarr. 

Make Money

Looking to make some extra income? Bazaarr gives you the space to list your equipment in front of millions of customers when you become a seller.

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List your equipment and manage your order from a single interface. We give you access to more than 20 features when you become a seller

Scale Your Business

When you become a seller, we scale your business without you working 24/7. Our automation tools help you achieve more results.

5 ways you can create a great list Using Bazaarr

1. Adding Relevant Product Title
Crafting an informative title brings more value to your product. Your product title is the first impression customers get when they see your products. When writing your product title, it should be short and concise with relevant keywords. A good example is, “Safety Jogger Boot – BOREAS 2”. The first phrase comes with relevant keywords customers are most likely to search online while the second phrase, “BOREAS 2” is the brand name
2. Taking Quality Pictures
The confidence you give your customers online lies in quality pictures. Shopping in the online space is much more different from shopping in a Brick and Mortar Store. While we can feel a physical product by seeing all the angles in a brick and mortar store, taking quality product pictures is an essential aspect in uploading your product online. For all industrial products listed on Bazaarr, the images need to be representative. That is, it should be large and detailed, showcase multiple views, and eliminate all forms of blurring parts.
3. Writing detailed Specifications
Think of the millions of people who will come across your product online. The product descriptions and specifications are some of the most important aspects of your online shop when it comes to conversion. A product uploaded without description and specification has a lesser conversion and sales than a well-written product copy. So when writing a product description, focus on the target audience by giving them the right product specifications, a guide on how to use the equipment, and the benefits of the equipment
4. Setting the right Price
Bazaarr operates in a fair price policy and an avenue for all sellers to grow. While we also give sellers the right to sell whatever equipment they want, Bazaarr understands several factors like; the product’s attributes, customer’s perception of value, current demand and ability to pay, marketing objectives, market landscape, economic trends, opportunity assessment, and competitor’s prices are just some of the variables that might affect pricing. So when taking a price as a seller, it's good to take a look at what similar brands/sellers have already listed in their store
5. Choosing the right Category
Choosing the right category help drives the internal search function, as well as the facets and filters that help customers narrow down their search. By this way, Bazaarr give sellers access to list their products within a wide range of taxonomy making it easy for customers to see your product.

Bazaarr makes it easier for you to sell your Industrial Equipment online

We’ve got powerful tools to help you manage your inventory and orders, track your sales and market your products

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