Floor Jack

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A floor jack is the most common type of jack used for maintenance and repairs. They are easy to move around and position in the exact spot that needs to be lifted. A floor jack consists of a low to the ground unit with four wheels and a long handle that the user pumps to operate the hydraulic lift portion of the jack. The jack saddle is a round disk that makes contact with the vehicle.
The low profile of the base unit allows it to be easily maneuvered. The handle must be turned clockwise which closes the valve before pumping the handle to raise the jack. The handle is turned counterclockwise to open the valve and lower the jack saddle.
Floor jacks are the workhorses of the jack community and they are extremely helpful when performing work that requires the mechanic to get underneath the vehicle.


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Type: Hydraulic Floor Jack

Size Capacity: 5 tons

Condition: New


Weight 31.8 kg


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