Electronic Theodolite

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Digital theodolites consist of a telescope that is mounted on a base, as well as an electronic readout screen that is used to display horizontal and vertical angles. Digital theodolites are convenient because the digital readouts take the place of traditional graduated circles and this creates more accurate readings

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Type: MET 200 series

Length: 155mm

Objective Aperture: 45mm

Magnification: 30x

Image: Erect.

Field: 1o 30’

Resolving Power: 2.5”

Minimum Focus: 1.3m

Stadia ration: 100m

Stadia Constant: 0

Minimum reading: 1”/5”/10”

Accuracy: 2”

Diameter of Circle: 71mm

LCD: Yes

Reticle Plate: Yes

EDM Interface: Optional

Data export Interface: Yes


Weight 4.5 kg


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