2.0Hp Maxmech Compressor


Electric-driven Maxmech Compressor with 100L tank. Built of high efficiency with a speed of up to 1050Rpm. Designed to be eco-friendly with minimal noise. Simple structure, easy to operate, and maintain.
It can be used as an addition to any workshop for powering air tools. Ideally for consumers, professionals, and Industries. It can be applied in construction, manufacturing, Agriculture, Spray painting, Inflating, and
Heating, Ventilation, and Air (HVAC).

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Voltage: 230/50Hz 

Model: BA 1500-50 

Power: 1.5Kw 

Speed: 1050Rpm

Max. Pressure: 8Bar 

Tank: 100L 

Series Number: MA19X080946 

Exhaust Volume: 170L/Min. 


Model Number: BA 1500-50 

Serial Number: MA19080946 

Colour: blue/black

Weight 23 kg


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