1 1/2 inches Spark Arrestor


Reduce the incidence of fire outbreak and spark with this 1 ½ inch Donaldson Spark Arrestor. It centrifugal principle of action helps limit the incidence of fire during the spinning effects of life carbons in the exhaust gas.

Donaldson Spark Arrestor is suitable in combustion engines, fireplace, and even burning stoves. The 11/2 inches Donaldson Spark Arrestor is ideal to reduce the incidence of an explosive atmosphere and is highly recommended as a safety precaution tool.

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  1. Type: Donaldson
  2. Model: M045123Size: 1 1/2 inches

Attributes: Inlet Diameter – 38.61mm (1.52inch)

Outlet Diameter – 31.75mm (1.25inch)

Body Diameter Maximum – 111.51mm (4.39inch)

Body Length – 120.65mm (4.751inch)

Overall Length – 212.34 (8.36inch)

Weight 2.5 kg


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