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Leasing Policy - Bazaarr

Leasing Policy

NOTE: Both vendor and customer must acknowledge and be subject to this Policy. 

  • When a renter wishes to rent an equipment, they must write a letter of intent detailing who is renting the equipment and what the renter intends to do with the equipment.
  • After the letter of intent is received and acknowledged, the renter will sign an agreement with the vendor/Bazaarr detailing the start and end date of the lease, etc.
  • The renter will agree to pay a security deposit which will be refunded when the renter has returned the leased equipment after the lease duration has elapsed. The Security Deposit will cover for any damage done to the equipment during the time of lease and if the security charge is not enough to fix the damage, the renter will pay the balance.
  • The renter will make an initial payment that covers for a minimum of 42 hours use and will subsequently pay for the agreed upon rates on the agreed upon time.
  • If the Renter failed to pay within three (3) days after the due date, late charges of 5% will be applied.
  • When a renter defaults to return the leased equipment as at when due, they will pay for every day the equipment remains with them and an additional penalty fee will be charged.