It’s an easy, risk free way for you to earn commissions on your referrals, and it only takes a few minutes to set up

Why Choose Bazaarr Affiliate Program

Easy to SetUp

Our onboarding process is free and easy. You can follow the link "register as an Affiliate" to register as an Affiliate

Guarantee Commission

On bazaarr we ensure that your commissions are paid to you in due time.

Higher Commission

Earning big using Bazaarr Affiliate Program is a life changing program. You are guaranteed of higher commissions.

Zero risk

Bazaarr Affiliate Program completely removes the risk of loosing your commissions. We give you periodic updates on your earnings.

How it Works


Fill the form on the "register as an Affiliate" link by entering your details.

Get code

Wait for a response from our team to get your affiliate code and other document.


Promote Bazaarr Products and services across different media channels to earn

Bazaarr Affiliate Program is an avenue to generate passive income for everybody. This can be done by placing our banners and product images on any media channel. If anyone buys our product through the use of your affiliate marketing code, you earn commissions.

You need an active website or any media channels where Bazaarr Products and services can be promoted

Bazaarr Affliate code or link is an automatic generated code or link that is assigned to each Affiliate. When buyers buy’s a product with this code or through this link, the Affiliate gets a commission.

You can promote Bazaarr products and services through different online media channels such as; websites and social media through the use of your affiliate code. 

No. Bazaarr is totally FREE to start as an Affiliate.

You can only register for one membership. Each Affiliate membership registration has its own unique Affiliate code/link. 

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You can click the link here to help you get started.

You can promote Bazaarr products and services on different online media channels.

1.₦0 – ₦9,9994%
2.₦10,000 – ₦499,9993%
3.₦500,000 – ₦9,999,9992%
4.₦10,000,000 – ₦1%