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About Us | Get to know more about Bazaarr

About Us

Slide Buy, Sell, or Rent;
Bazaarr Makes It Easier!
Sourcing for Equipment in the Oil & Gas Industry is Difficult,
Make it Easier with Bazaarr.

Slide Buy, Sell, or Rent;
Bazaarr Makes It Easier!
Shopping for Equipment in the Oil and Gas, Marine, Construction and Agricultural industry has just gotten easier with Bazaarr. SHOP NOW


Bazaarr is Nigeria’s premier online marketplace for the purchase and leasing of equipment in the Oil and Gas, Marine, Agriculture and Construction industry. With a 100% digital approach, we leverage the power of technology to transform the supply chain within the oil and gas, marine, agriculture and construction industries, and make the sourcing for equipment easier.


 Bazaarr was created as an avenue for manufacturers and companies to reach their prospects in any part of Nigeria, breaking the barrier of location between the merchants and customers.


  • Quality products: All equipment on Bazaarr are of the highest quality and sourced from verified suppliers. 
  • Best prices: All equipment listed on Bazaarr are available at very competitive prices
  • Guaranteed satisfaction: Your satisfaction is guaranteed when you shop on Bazaarr. What you see is what you get.
  • Convenience: You don’t have to go through any stress when you buy, lease or sell with Bazaarr. All exchanges and communications are seamless and buyers can get their product delivered to their doorsteps.